Nogimyu Video and Audio

I come bearing all the gifts of the season, EARLY even!

I recorded the performances for Team STAR and Team MOON and have ripped the audio from both teams.

I should note that Team STAR will list more tracks than Team MOON, this is because I have the “inbetween” songs in their file, so if you would like those, you will need Team STAR’s audio as well.

I’m also going to link to a very HQ version of the musicals that are torrents. They are 10GB EACH and I did not record these. Galaxia Gorgeous on tumblr took these recordings and I admit, they are better than mine. Take whichever suits you best. You will need a torrent program for these.

Note: My video files INCLUDE the 15 minute break which has commercials during that time. Galaxia Gorgeous does not.

Some Audio files may slightly differ but that is probably because of the lack of singing during a part (I.e. Silver Millenium differs)

THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL TRACK NAMES. There was NO official list ever given out, not even in pamphlets.

You may share my files, but I do ask that you give credit if you share it ONLINE without linking back here.

NOTE: Nothing is subtitled.

HQ Version Torrent (10GB) Each: CLICK HERE

My version Team STAR: CLICK HERE

My version Team MOON: CLICK HERE