Shuu Shiotsuki Telling Yume her Dream


Shuu: Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, I hope you're well.

Yume: Good afternoon, good evening! Who could I be?

Shuu: It doesn't matter. I mean...

Yume: It doesn't?

Shuu: It doesn't, but you know, today, Yume...Today

Yume: Yes?

Shuu: I had a lot of weird dreams.

Yume: Weird Yume?

NOTE: Yume's name means dream, so she's pretending to misunderstand Shuu.

Shuu: Oh...yeah, a weird dream.

Yume: I see.

Shuu: Um, so last night...I was thinking I should message former Uranus Nao Takagi on LINE to see if she's coming this year.

Yume: Right, right.

Shuu: But I was a little tired last night so...

Yume: There's something in your hair.

Shuu: I was thinking I might not be able to use polite language. I should have sent it last night.

Yume: Right, right.

Shuu: I was thinking I gotta send it today. So when I went to bed after thinking about that, in my dream...

Yume: Yume?

Shuu: Yu-..Yu-..Yeah. Man I brought along such a confusing person. So in my dream...

Yume: In your dream...

Shuu: We were at rehearsal, and all of the UraNep choreography had been reversed.

Yume: Whaaaat!?

Shuu: The teacher was like "I bet you can do it" and turned the music on, and we totally couldn't! And then the dance for the outers at the beginning had become really weird...After all that craziness I went home on the train. In my dream.

Yume: In your dream.

Shuu: But then I missed my stop, I slept through it.

Yume: This is a crazy dream!

Shuu: "Oh no! I slept through it!" But I could turn around at the next station right?

Yume: Yep!

Shuu: But when I got to the next station...Oh man, this girl won't calm down. I thought I'd get off. But the platform was super far away!

Yume: I see.

Shuu: I was scared, so...I thought maybe the next station would be better so I waited. But the next station was called "Graveyard."

Yume: What!? How scary!

Shuu: I thought "Is there really a station with this name on my line?"

Yume: Graveyard?

Shuu: I was thinking "I can't get off at a station called Graveyard!"

Yume: No way!

Shuu: So then...I was dreaming, right? My phone went "BRIING!" It went "BRIING!" and I woke up super surprised. It was Nao Takagi.

Yume: W-whaat!?

Shuu: In real life, on LINE. Isn't it super amazing that Nao woke me up and saved me from the Graveyard? Truly cool people do things differently.

Yume: That's amazing! An amazing story!

Shuu: Her timing was so cool.

Yume: How cool!

Shuu: That's the story. See ya, bye!

Yume: Bye! It was the meaning of my name!

Shuu: You wanted to hear it?

Yume: Thank you so much!